Road to the Conference – Rheonna Thornton, Aaron Flores, Annie Maribona, Fresh Out the Cocoon, Marci RD

The conference starts in just a few days!  Keep reading for pre-conference interviews from a few of the amazing speakers and sponsors we have lined up for conference on Oct 6-8. Don’t wait to register to the conference, hurry to get your spot now!

Speaker Spotlight

Rheonna Thornton – Ode to Facebook! (part of the Spoken Word Collective)

What does Fat Activism mean to you?

Fat activism to me is a woman over 200 lbs. wearing a crop top, baring every stretch mark and love handle and not being ashamed but embracing her body for all of its worth. Being confident regardless of the fat shaming or ridicule a plus size woman is supposed to feel because she’s not a of a smaller size. PLEASE!

Why do you think Fat Activism is important?

To be woman, to be a black woman, than to a fat black woman who is fighting for me in society. It’s time to fight back against “you have a pretty face. ” comments, the “I’ve always wanted to date a plus size woman comments or the stigma that all fat people are unhappy and gross. Tired of being fat skeletons in closets. Fat activism needs to continue to be the voice.

Can you give us a hint of what we’ll hear from you at the conference?

My poem will address that issue of clothing. That because I am a certain size I have to stick to wearing a particular type of clothing that covers up everything.

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Aaron Flores

Aaron Flores is a registered dietitian nutritionist based out of Los Angeles, California. With nearly 10 years of experience, Aaron has worked with eating disorders in a variety of settings. A large part of his career was spent working at the VA Greater Los Angeles Healthcare System where he helped develop and launch one of the first Binge Eating Disorder programs to help Veterans struggling with this disorder. Since leaving the VA, Aaron has continued to work in the eating disorder community helping run groups and providing individual counseling to adolescents at Destinations to Recovery and with adults at La Ventana Treatment Centers. He currently works part-time at Center for Discovery and part-time in his private practice in Calabasas, CA. His main areas of focus are Intuitive Eating and Health at Every Size® and in his work, Aaron helps individuals learn how to make peace with food and develop body-positive behaviors. Aaron’s work has been featured during Weight Stigma Awareness Week, in blogs for the National Eating Disorder Information Centre and was the closing keynote speaker of the 2016 Binge Eating Disorder Awareness Annual Conference. Along with his work with eating disorders, he also is a co-host of the podcast, Dietitians Unplugged.

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Annie Maribona – From the Bus to the Break Room, Ways to Sneak Fat Activism into your Every Day Life

What does Fat Activism mean to you?

Fat activism is great and all, but how can we integrate it into our every day lives? How do we ‘burst the fat bubble’ so to speak and spread fat positivity & fat acceptance world-wide? This talk is meant to spark some ideas and inspire some chill comebacks.

Why do you think Fat Activism is important?

Fat people are still treated like shit. We’re still the butt of too many jokes. We’re still kept out of stores and establishments. People still think pigs are bad and lazy and think fat means bad/lazy/gross. Fat kids still get made fun of. I’m guessing it’s still hard to grow up a fat kid. Many people who are fat suffer from chronic dieting that never works and mountains of self-hatred.

Can you give us a hint of what we’ll hear from you at the conference?

I’ll be giving out hot tips, pro-tips & q-tips, about how to interject fat activism into your every day life. Just kidding about the q-tips…

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Sponsor Spotlight

We are so grateful to have Fresh Out the Cocoon and Marci RD as sponsors for 2017!

Fresh Out the Cocoon is the podcast that gets real about being Black, being fat and being fabulous all at the same damn time! Join host and mastermind, Joy Cox every other Sunday as she educates & entertains her way through this journey called life! She’s here (and occasionally with friends) to offer a breath of fresh air to those ready to take life by the horns and live unapologetically, rejecting societal norms of thinness and beauty. Also, don’t forget to visit the store and grab you a tee that “speaks” for itself! Check out the podcast on & get fresh gear at

We are so happy to have Marci Evans as one of our Gold Sponsors for 2017!

Marci Evans is a self-proclaimed Food and Body Imager Healer™. She has dedicated her career to counseling, supervising, and teaching in the field of eating disorders and has been practicing with a weight inclusive lens for a decade. In 2015 she developed an online training platform to teach clinicians how to help individuals recover from an eating disorder utilizing a size inclusive counseling approach. She is a Certified Eating Disorder Registered Dietitian and Supervisor, certified Intuitive Eating Counselor and Certified ACSM personal trainer. In addition to her group private practice and three adjunct teaching positions, Marci co-directs a specialized eating disorder internship at Simmons College. She volunteers for a number of national eating disorder organizations, speaks on a variety of topics related to food and body image healing and loves social media so tweet her @marciRD, follow her on Facebook and Instagram, and check out her blog at

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About Ragen Chastain

Hi, I’m Ragen Chastain. Speaker, Writer, Dancer, Choreographer, Marathoner, Soon to be Iron-distance triathlete, Activist, Fat Person.
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