This is an online conference, you can listen in by phone and on the web and you’ll receive recordings and transcripts of each talk so that you can listen/read on your own schedule if the scheduled times don’t work for you (or if you want to listen to a favorite talk again!)

The conference will take place October 6-8, 2017. Keep checking this page to see the schedule for this year’s Conference.  Click here to join our e-mail list and you’ll be the first to know when the schedule comes out!

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Thanks To Our Amazing 2017 Sponsors

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Platinum Sponsors


The Binge Eating Disorder Association does amazing work providing leadership in the recognition, prevention, and treatment of Binge Eating Disorder (BED) in people of all sizes, as well as working intersectionally to increase fat positivity in Eating Disorder Community and the world, which makes them a perfect partner for the Fat Activism Conference! Find out more at

Friend of Marilyn

Friend of Marilyn (FOM) is a fat positive radio show on Access Manawatu 999AM. It provides counter programming to the normative discourses on fatness and obesity in our culture, hosting conversations in which accepted ideas and stereotypes about fatness are challenged. FOM believes that safe spaces for fat people are important, and the show is committed to providing a forum where fat people get to speak for themselves (not just have their lives thinsplained by others). FOM began in August of 2011, and is currently on a tour around the world – make sure your city is a spot today!

Gold Sponsors


ASDAH partners with service providers, educators and advocates to dismantle weight-centered health policies and practice, and is guided by the Health At Every Size® principles. ASDAH envisions a world that celebrates bodies of all shapes and sizes, in which body weight is no longer a source of discrimination and where marginalized communities have equal access to the resources and practices that support health and well being.

See more at

4 Responses to Schedule

  1. Yay for having male and trans panelists! My ten year old son often asks where he fits in the whole body love movement, and has been repeatedly disappointed when he reads body-positive messages (mostly on my newsfeed) and sees them geared toward empowering girls and women, with no mention of boys and men. From a ten year old’s perspective, without a lot of context, this has been really difficult for him; we’ve had several tearful conversations about it. We need to stand up for boys and men, too. Thank you!

    • fluffyunicorn77 says:

      I can’t wait to register! That’s awesome that your son is already interested in the body positive movement, I didn’t find out about it until a few years ago when Linda Bacon’s HAES journal article was published in a science journal I happened to be reading! 🙂 I have come a long way since then, learning about HAES and then size acceptance. 🙂
      Has your son seen “Dancing Man”/Sean O’Brien and his new Dance Free Movement yet? 😀

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